February 10, 2020
Filling & Packing Dates
February 10, 2020

Wholesale of coffee& spices

With Aramco's Coffee Initiative :

we want to announce that we are  the buyers of the best coffee and we are factory owners in Saudi Arabia and exclusive importers.

CENTREPIECE are proud to offer a large selection of coffee, available for you to purchase online. We process our wholesale coffee beans in Jazan in Saudi Arabia , roasted to order in our roastery and sealed to protect their fresh and distinct flavour. We use traditional coffee drum roasters along side a hi-tech computer system to produce reliable and consistent batches that never lack aroma or taste .

So how do we get the perfect roast every time? well, each bean is slowly roasted in our traditional drum roaster by a member of our highly experience roasting team. Then, after gently air cooling the  beans, We let the coffee rest to allow unwanted gases to escape and reach its peak flavour. Once the beans are rested we pack them into airtight bags to keep the coffee from going stale. The wholesale coffee bags are then marked with a roast date and batch code to be dispatched.